Climbing on a ridge in the setting sun, Switzerland

I love extremes

I always go for the extremes. I always have since I was a child. I loved cold water. I loved the idea of scorching temperatures, overambitious plans, and later, the cold. I loved things that took extremely long, or were extremely strenuous, or extremely forbidden. Things tend to bore me when they’re average. If I […]

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It usually hits you after your first coffee the next morning. At the latest when you sit down at your desk. It comes, seemingly, out of nowhere, and the happiness and euphoria you might have felt at your day out up until then disappear. Everything turns to grey. You feel sad, hopeless, bereft of a


VS Heiligkreuzkofel Mittelpfeiler 1.0

I was at a dead end. We were in deep shit. I had majorly underestimated the route, and as always, if you don’t show due respect to the mountain, the mountain kicks your butt.
I had known that during the last two pitches, but I really hadn’t wanted to descend that way. I felt that the safe way out was up. Darkness wasn’t dangerous in itself; I had climbed many routes in the dark. But darkness paired with icy wind and especially with the uncertainty of what was to come felt much different.

He said, “Let’s call them” and I didn’t really put up a fight…

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LIGHT – a film by Caroline Treadway » Finally someone started talking about this. Finally someone is also voicing these hard-to-ignore benefits like, “It feels so amazing when you feel so light, like water flowing over the rock”, which make it so easy and so desirable to go down that road. Because everyone who really

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If there is anything that Corona has taught me: Don’t let anything get in between you and climbing. Or whichever it is you want. The harder circumstances are, the more determined I get to go out and climb. The day that they first closed the gyms, I drove to my home crag by myself, rope-soloed

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