completed climbs

I’ve been climbing alpine multi-pitches with a serious determination since 2016.
I started climbing in 1995, as a child at age 5, started leading seriously at age 13 and climbing sport multi-pitches independently at age 15. After stalling on a level of 7a max. for years, in 2016 a mental boost or de-blocking of some kind hit me and I climbed my first 7b and my first 8a only weeks later. But sport climbing has never really been my focus, so the collection is small.

sport climbing

Meister Petz8aPfalz, Luger Geiersteine28.04.2020redpointbolted
My Way8aFrankenjura, Rolandfels27.10.2019redpointbolted
Annapurna8aRomania, Băile Herculane23.09.2016redpointbolted
La Guerra dei Nomi7cVal Pennavaire, Fontana10.01.2023redpointbolted
Dance again7cRomania, Băile Herculane18.09.2016redpointbolted
Riderstone Variante7b+Tessin, Claro05.06.2021redpointbolted
Lernpause7b+Frankenjura, Rolandfels12.09.2020redpointbolted
Xälsbär (direkt)7b+Schwäbische Alb, Kesselwand Arena11.04.2020flashbolted
Reinhard Karl links7b+Rhein-Main-Gebiet, Bessenbach15.09.2019redpointbolted
Zensi7b+Rhein-Main-Gebiet, Bessenbach14.07.2019redpointbolted
Azimut7b+St. Léger du Ventoux01.04.2019redpointbolted
Cardamom7b+Romania, Băile Herculane22.09.2017onsightbolted
Radio Gaga7b+Romania, Băile Herculane16.09.2017redpointbolted
Der Witwenmacher7b+Rhein-Main-Gebiet, Bessenbach30.10.2016redpointbolted
Money for nothing7b+Romania, Băile Herculane17.09.2016redpointbolted
Black Mamba7b+Romania, Băile Herculane16.09.2016flashbolted
The Lost Boys7b+Rhein-Main-Gebiet, Bessenbach03.09.2016redpointbolted
Mut der Verzweiflung7bEttringen07.10.2022redpointtrad