Pausetour #33 Tofanapfeiler Costantini-Apollonia

klassisch, alles geführt
Michaela Šramková
Länge: 550 m, 21 SL
Kletterzeit: 12:00 h
A wonderful climb: long, hard, classic, and epic as it should be

Míša’s longest and hardest climb so far – lucky me that she didn’t run away when I first dragged her up chossy classics in Arco in 2020. And the full moon was so bright we almost didn’t need headlamps in the last couple of pitches. The polished roofs were real beasts that I could only dream of climbing free, at least 200 metres above the ground. I made more of an onsight effort in the third 7, the overhanging slimy chimney (more my style), but – blocked the crack with the yellow 2.0, which didn’t really fit anyway, and with a piece of wood dating back to 1946 as my only real protection, I called “take” instead of giving it my all, and then pulled on a half-cut piece of sling. My respect to anyone who has free climbed this! I’d say it’s the little brother of Hasse-Brandler on Große Zinne.